Why Can’t We Be Friends ??

In a few weeks I’m going to SHRM13 !!  The National HR Conference is always a great event.  It’s so cool to be surrounded by thousands of HR pros from literally all over the world.

It will be great to see friends, but I’m also looking forward to meeting new folks.  This is sometimes a challenge because many attendees are in a mad rush to get to sessions for their credits, or they stick with people from their own geographic region.  I get this because I was like that when I first started going to SHRM Conferences.  I thought the event was more important than the people who were right there with me.

That’s changed over the years and now my goal is to try and connect with as many HR peers as I can.  I think we have the opportunity to take these types of forums and reach across boundaries to be a better profession !!  Recently, Hank Jackson, SHRM CEO, shared that he wants SHRM to be seen as a Professional Society vs. a Membership Organization.  When I heard this, I was geeked !!  I’d love to see this transformation truly occur because the majority of messaging from SHRM over the past few years has been focused on membership.

Meeting OthersIt’s time for us, as HR professionals though to pave the way for this to occur.  The best way for SHRM to move forward is for us to show the way and reach out to each other.  It’s never going to shift much unless we move first.

I know this takes some risk, but it’s worth it.  I know that by stepping out, I’ve met great people from literally around the world !!  It meant taking the first step in most instances, but it’s always resulted in great relationships and even better resources.  You have to remember that you share a common bond because of HR !!  You’ll always have something to talk about.

So, if you’re going to be at SHRM13, let’s make sure to connect.  It will rock and we’ll start setting the standard for others to follow !!


6 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Be Friends ??”

  1. Steve, you’re such a great example of gathering everyone in and making them feel welcome. Look forward to seeing you in my fair city and in connecting with new friends as well.

  2. Hey Steve, I couldn’t agree more… This is my first SHRM conference. Besides the usual opportunities to chat and meet people between/during sessions, do you have suggestions for other places to meet people? Deb

  3. Deb – I would recommend doing a thorough jaunt through the Vendor Hall. It’s always interesting and teeming with cool stuff !! I would absolutely go to the SHRM13 Tweet Up at the House of Blues on Monday night !! It is a great time and a fab place to network. The vendor parties are always top drawer. I would make sure to check out the Hive (social media “to do’s” for HR folks) and make sure you map your sessions to make sure you hit the ones you want to make. Let’s make sure to say Hi !! when we’re there and I’ll be glad to help you get connected.

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