I Don’t Get it !!

This past weekend I had the privilege of seeing my cousin’s daughter get married.  My generation is getting older and now our kids are adults !!  It’s cool to go through this though to see the continuation of life pass through the generations.

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but I grew up on a farm with my grandparents.  My mom was a widow and had to work, so my brother and I grew up (and worked) on the farm as young kids.  I mention this because the wedding this weekend was between two farming families.  It is always great to be with my extended family and get reminded of the joy that farming offers.

You see, farmers have EVERYTHING pulling against them !!  The weather could be too hot, too dry or too wet which all affects planting and harvest.  Can they control the weather? No.  Then there are pests, weeds, disease, etc.  These affect and attack crops and livestock.  You can limit some of the damage these things can do, but it’s never ending.  A farmer’s day starts at sunrise, involves some form of hard labor throughout the day and you fall into bed late after sunset.

Every farmer I know loves what they do.  They understand the challenges, and they can be monumental with the slightest shift in everything from the economy to equipment failing.  They are some of the most wholesome people I know and I’m proud to have grown up in a family that still continues this tradition to provide for others.

As I am driving home, I think of all that I have.  Phenomenal job, fantastic wife and great kids.  A home, transportation, etc.  As I listen as I enter back into the burbs, all I hear about is what people don’t have and how we’re missing the newest bauble of technology or convenience.

And I think to myself – I don’t get it !!

Don’t get me wrong, my farming relatives have many of the same things we’re fortunate to have, and I know they’d like to have new things as well.  However, with all this plenty that surrounds me, my family and my friends/co-workers – why is there never enough?

I don’t have an answer to this.  It just puzzles me because in HR we constantly deal with the “not enough” syndrome in the workplace.  Oddly, the farmers get up every day to do amazing things and life moves forward.  I think I’m going to get a model tractor to put on my desk to remind me of my roots . . .

How about you ??

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Get it !!”

  1. The best lesders have stories to tell. Their employees appreciate the stories because they provide insight into the passion of their fearless leader. You appreciate the stories, too. I guess that’s because you’re born to lead, Steve. Keep telling your stories!

  2. Steve, what a great reminder that we sometimes fail to count our blessings or even remember that we are blessed. I remember a summer job when I was in college where I worked manual labor in a machine shop, cast-iron dust in the air and a hot and sweaty environment. My mother made me undress before coming in the house…I was literally rusty from a day’s work. When I complain about the small stuff, I try to remember that I am fortunate that HR is not a rusty job.

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