Are you full ??

This past weekend I had a real treat by spending it in Amish Country in Ohio.  It gives a whole new perspective on life because this culture chooses to live life differently than the vast majority of us !!

This post isn’t a commentary on the Amish, but it is an observation.  As I watched the buggies passing me by and sampling way too much amazing cheese, I noticed a sense of contentment that I don’t see in many people.  These good folks lives are not only are based on their faith, but also on what they choose what to fill their lives with.  The brash realities of a world that exists in a completely opposite realm faces them every day, and yet they continue to live their lives with pride.

As an HR practitioner, much of my day is surrounded by people – and I dig that !!  One of the true challenges I run into is how to respond to people who consistently seem frustrated with almost all aspects of their work and the people they work with.  The more I listen, and sometimes pry, I notice a pattern.  Much of their frustration is based on the sense that they’re “too busy” and “no one understands.”

When I step back from these conversations I try to look and see what is making them “busy.”  All of us are full.  No one says they have extra time on their hands – quite the contrary.  But, what are we filled with?  Are the things that consume our daily lives productive, or not?  It’s not hard to fill your day with “stuff,” or to focus on the areas you’re most comfortable.  It’s human nature.

But, what if we sat down and made a list (paper or electronic) of what our day consists of?  Would we like what we see?  Do we like what we fill our lives at work with?  Too often I hear people churn on what isn’t happening, or what’s not being done.  There’s validity in that, but the approach isn’t constructive.  Making strides forward with intent with what you have available (culture, resources, staff, etc.) is much healthier.

It reminds me of the good people I was with this weekend.  Maybe we would all benefit if we were a little more “full” like the Amish.  What do you think?

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  1. Excellent points Steve! Following your sage advice of sitting and writing down our list of the day’s activities we might ask a couple of questions.
    1. Am I working from Abundance? Are we acting and taking joy from helping, sharing, giving (these are all words that work in business, it’s not just soft stuff), knowing that a rising tide floats all boats.
    2. Am I planning and acting from our circle of influence (where we are able to make a difference) or from our circle of concern (where we have no influence or power -where both are sapped).

    Great answers might put us on a constructive not destructive path and lead to that elusive feeling of contentment.

    Thanks for the inspiration Steve!

  2. Hi Steve, I really like this post because I agree people are too full of something other than what makes them content in life. I don’t believe in being too busy ALL the time. We all make choices on how we live our lives and fill up our day. If you’re not happy with how you spend your time…change it!

  3. Great thoughts on a topic that way too many people don’t deal with very well.

    A good starting point is taking some time and reviewing our likes and dislikes and how we deal with them.

  4. Great thoughts on a topic that way too many people don’t deal with very well.

    A good starting point is taking some time and reviewing our likes and dislikes and how we deal with them.

  5. Several thing scame ot mind as I read your post. First most mornings (and days) I have the radio or TV on as I am getting myself in gear and when I am in the car I have the radio on. NHowever, on Saturday mornings I meet with some men friends at a coffe shop and as I get ready, there is NO radio or TV. On the way to the coffee shop, there is NO radio – just silence. I find calm, peace, and solitude in this time of quiet. Second, I am remided of waht Gandalf says to Frodo as they are sitting in the Mines of Moria trying to determine which path to take – “It’s not the time we have that matters but what we do with the time we are given that matters.”

  6. a full day at work is sometimes like a good two hours spent at the chinese buffet. you leave only by rolling yourself out the door, yet you’re hungry all over again by the time you get home.

  7. Another great challenge from the Godfather! Thanks, Steve!

    When I find myself saying I am “too busy”, it usually means I’ve lost focus. I need to take a moment and tweak my plan. And just like that, I am back in balance and feeling productive.

    I am also learning there are some people who are just determined to be negative and complain about their work circumstances. Too much work, not enough work, working on the “wrong” things … It’s always something. I am still seeking ways to get through to those types. Any suggestions you have on that are welcomed.

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